Not sure where to move to.

11 years ago I moved away from my home town, it was somewhere I lived from aged 5 to 17, then 19-24 (except for 9 months when I was 20)

After that I spent just over a year somewhere I used to go on holiday to growing up which I liked but it was after a family death and ended up after 6 months moving to shared accomodation as lost my job and my new flatmate ended up having serious mental health problems which dragged me down, I attended university the following year and ended up with another flatmate with serious mental health problems, then moved and again had the same so it was rotten luck at best but it all took its toll. after that spend time in zero hour and part time work before being put on disability benefits 2 years ago and haven't worked since.

I have always wanted to move back to my home town, but never did apart from looking after a friends property for 4 months but only stayed about twice a week 7 years ago, other reasons was that theres next to no work there, its a ex factory town and theres no factories left now, call centres did pop up around 2000 but they are all gone rent is at the higher ranger of middle ground i.e rarely can you get a 1 bedroom property under £400 there but its often around £450, a few times a year you see properties around £350

Right now I was wanting to move and saw 2 properties there, one for £350 and next door to where I moved from 11 years ago which is exactly where I want to move back to but its not available to July and is fully furnished except a bed it is literally central of town, so 15 minutes walk in either direction I could go to train station, Lidl, Morrisons, Aldi, Tesco, dozens of bars and cheap take outs, 3 minutes walk to main bus station so thats where my heart is really for almost everything but I don't like the inside of property much, its modern but bland i.e white walls, generic kitchen.

Another property is £395 and beautiful and modern but further up from town centre (it does have a good chip shop and pub next to it but don't plan to go in there often) but Tesco would be about 45 minutes walk, as would be the good retail park, Train station 20-25 minutes etc I would feel more isolated there even if its got nicer scenery.

Or I can stick in same area I am now but 18 miles away in a village where theres a cheap £280 2 bedroom property which overlooks a field which has beautiful sheep or horses going past, feels like a old fashioned farm house even though its a flat but what worries me is I have no attachment to area, and as I don't drive and use public transport (I do have bus pass for my disability) its 6 miles to nearest town to get shopping and if I get a job it would limit where I can go.

I apologise for long post but wanted some feedback, go for the beautiful and cheap property with no attachment in a area where I can probably find work if I commute but get about 3 or 4 buses, or go back to hometown and pay higher rent but be relaxed due to my love for my home town?


  • boliston
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    I would always go for location first - life is too short for constantly having to catch busses for everything or walking 45 minutes just to go to tesco!

    I would get bored of looking at sheep after 5 minutes I expect, even the most beautiful ones.
  • drbluebox
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    Looking at the village one theres hourly buses from 6am-6pm so its not bad unless I want to get a late job or want to get a take out or even go to supermarket late.

    I did just apply for my provisional so that will help me when I eventually drive.

    I am the sort of person who likes to walk short distances i.e I will walk 15-20 minutes to supermarket no problem rather than get on a bus from my doorstep and the same journey taking like 2 minutes as I think by time I may be waiting for bus it would be quicker to walk. I even in past have walked 45 minutes to a supermarket despite having a Morrisons 15 minutes walk away (opposite directions though) but that was because the bus service was twice a hour during day and once a hour at evening and late at night got like a trolley load of yellow sticker stuff for around 5-20p a item, in this case though theres no point.

    It looks like its just over 2 miles to nearest corner shop from the village! But its a shame as its a beautiful place.
  • Jojo_the_Tightfisted
    Find out which one will take tenants on benefits. If two of them won't, there's no point in worrying about which one was the best.
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    Yup you are officially Rock n Roll :D
  • Livelongandprosper
    What are your chances of working again any time soon?

    Under your other ID you give the impression that work will never be an option

    If you won't be working, surely living so far away from anything and everything will be even more damaging to your mental health
  • DavidP24
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    Central is more practical in every way, it is what the Americans call a No Brainer.

    I hope your quality of life improves with this move and gives you new hope and opportunity.
    Thanks, don't you just hate people with sigs !
  • chesky
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    "Exactly where I want to move back to".....
    Then go for it. Doesn't matter about the kitchen - you'll soon fill it with your own stuff, and waiting until July is nothing; you'll need those weeks to sort things out.
  • bouicca21
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    In real life will nostalgia for your home town turn into a pleasurable experience? 11 years is along time, things will have changed. Do you expect to be able to reconnect, or are you prepared to make a new life there? And what sort of life do you want? To me the country is for visiting; a town with shops, restaurants and coffee shops is what I need on a day to day level. Others are just the opposite. Which are you?
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