Travelex Supercard didn't notify about 2.99% fee

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Hey all,

I was one of the first pilot users for Travelex Supercard, as it was a no-fee, free currency exchange card. Since then I've used it everywhere. When they stopped the pilot and started the new Supercard I received it and was told that it would be working just like it was.

From that moment I noticed that the rating on ATM withdrawals wasn't as good as before, but you know, you're abroad and don't check everything in detail.

So now I'm in Spain and I withdrew 400€, and when I check the receipt on the app, it shows that a fee of £10.14 was charged for ATM withdrawal. Stunned about it I checked my latest withdrawals on the Supercard and there they are, a £2.99 fee on each of them since the new card was issued.

I called Customer Service and the only thing they said is to look at the FAQ, where everything is explained.

Now, I haven't ever received communications from them of a change or inclusion of new fees for my card. I believe that I should have those fees back since they never communicated me about these fees, is this the case?

Thanks in advance,
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