Read lots of advice but need some clarification please

Hi Folks
I have read pages and pages from the forum but would really appreciate advice. Today 28/4/17 I received a letter from Vehicle Control Services clearly marked at the top as a PCN and a NTK and the issue date is 18/4/17

The contravention was "stopping in a zone where stopping is prohibited" and happened at Doncaster airport approach roads on 3/4/17. I recall the stop and was stopped for approx 30-40 seconds with the engine running and never left the vehicle. There are 3 stills of my vehicle with a 5 second time stamp between them.

From the forums I now understand that I appeal on line using the IPC members template as the keeper not naming the driver and this will be rejected. Is this correct?

I then appeal to IAS as they are members of IPC and this will probably fail and I can't appeal to POPLA is this correct?

My confusion is that IPC is a parking code of practice of which this company is a member and this isn't a parking or car park issue. I think it is a private land charge.

Am I getting this all wrong, I've been reading for hours and don't actually know now what I should do next.

If I appeal to them and get rejected and then to IAS and get rejected what happens then. Do I pay?

Thanks for any help and advice



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