Unsolicited letter - Aviva?



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    Why don't you just ring Aviva and ask them?

    Just ring the number from their website

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  • Typing in the 0800 phone number to google search does seem to lead to Capita so it does seem to be a genuine attempt by Aviva to trace you.
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    bodorange wrote: »
    Hi moneyistooshorttomention.
    I would be very interested to know the outcome, if you followed up the letter. An elderly relative has a received a similar one purporting to come from Aviva and asked for advice.
    I was going to suggest they called, until they mentioned it involved Capita!
    Many thanks.

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    I too had a letter and was dubious as the address referred to was from 30 years ago. I rang Aviva head office in London, they confirmed the letter is genuine and it was safe to call the 0800 number given. Indeed , she read the number out to me. I'll wait and see what happens, . Who knows, I may have been left a fortune by a wealthy ancestor ....or not!
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    I had one a while back, confirmed my details and have yet to hear anything further.

    As far as I was aware I had updated all my pensions but will wait to see if I hear anything else.
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    Well, after giving them my details I did receive something from Aviva - a letterbox full of junk mail addressed to me asking if I wanted equity release etc. It appears they could be using demographic information to boost their mailing lists. I'm registered with Mailing Preference Service so I'll be giving them a call. I expect they'll make merry with my email address and mobile number too.
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    My wife received the same letter. She didn't want to give her details to an unknown company but logged in to Aviva and found out that a pension from an earlier job is now with Aviva so she updated the address in the account details.
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