Plea for help - cacti/succulent allergies.

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I wonder if any of you green-fingered bods can help me?

Some years ago my Mum picked up a small succulent at a 'Summer Fayre' no label to it - but it looks like some sort of 'Haworthia' - maybe a 'zebra'? (I looked online!)

So, over the years it grew...and grew...she planted a few of the fleshy leave into new pots and they all thrived. Now, this year one of the older ones grew REALLY tall shoot and a red flower appeared.

The problem is that she started to get really itchy red eyes - and wondered f she could be allergic to the flower. She cut it off yesterday and says she feels better already.

Now I am no gardener...and I thought that cacti/succulents don't cause allergies (other than contact allergies if you touch sap?)...should Mum bin all her cacti and succulents (or at least the ones that are brothers to the one that flowered?


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    I've never heard of a cactus flower allergy but I suppose it's vaguely possible. However, it seems a bit extreme to dump all her plants on the basis of one possible coincidence. After all, cactus plants don't flower very often and the red itchy eyes may have been due to something completely different, ie Did she go for a walk and be exposed to pollen from some passing flowering shrubs, or was she out in the garden where she might have been exposed to other possible allegens. ? (Or did she just spend too much time watching a TV or a mobile phone screen which may have caused sore eyes?) Personally I would have given the flower the benefit of the doubt for much longer before taking such a drastic action.
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