Any recommendation for "bike caves"

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I now have a "proper" bike and two folding, electric bikes, and I need somewhere to store them all.

I have looked at "bike caves" on Amazon, but the reviews are overall, very poor.

I would prefer to be able to use one at the front of the house, as we don't have direct access from the front of the house to the back, and have to bring bikes through the house, which is a pain, especially at my "proper" bike as wide handlebars and we have narrow doorways.

So - are there any decent quality bike caves that you know of, or are we going to have to get a wooden structure of some kind in place (and face the wrath of our next door neighbours, who complain about the house on the other side of them parking a car on their block-paved garden, because it spoils their view!)


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    If you want security get an Asgard - you can get green / white / blue, they're metal sheds and need a proper assault on them to get in (the sort of thing that would wake you up), a 2 or 3 bike job would do fine. Any wooden shed can be kicked in easily enough so you'd need a concrete bolted ground anchor and great locks to keep the bikes in. I have the 3 way shed as I can have opening doors on the front in our front area but they do have side on ones (to see what I mean look at the bike shed x3 and the bike storage x2)
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    +1 for Asgard.

    Have a four bike 100Kilo ram raid proof one in front garden.

    Only issue was the initial delivery on a HGV lorry couldn't get up the road, due to parked cars, so it had to be rearranged on a smaller LGV.
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    Thank you - they look pretty sturdy :)
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    I have had a Lockerpod for two years. Mine is green. I would not want to store more than two Hybrid bikes in it, even though it says three or four can be stored. They are probably thin racing bikes and it does not sound like you have those.

    Was not cheap but I wanted it for the long hall as I only ride and don't have a car.
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    I also have an Asgard bike shed because they are nice and secure. Much better than a wooden structure.
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