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Morrisons a couple of weeks ago:
Lurpak showing 2 for £5 - at till £3.25 each - refund given

Following week at Morrisons
Mackies ice cream £2.74 for 2 litres - at till £4 - refund given

Yesterday at Poundstretcher
PG tips 240 pack £3.49 - checked at till before being rung up £3.99 - charged me the right price of £3.49

Hobby craft today
2 packs of Playdoh £3.50 each - at till £4 each - assistant checked and charged me the £3.50

I hope you all check your bills as I seemed to be overcharged most times I go shopping.

Tesco today and NOT overcharged wow!


  • Tesco is the best place to be over charged imo , as long as you don't query is at the checkout and take it up with CS instead :)

    Double the money back plus the item , I love when they over charge :)
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    Asda give you a £2 gift card if they overcharge you, although you sometimes have to ask for it as they seem to conveniently forget.
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    I hope you all check your bills as I seemed to be overcharged most times I go shopping.


    me too !
  • I was overcharged £2.79 the other week in Tesco - the one time I forgot to check.

    Contacted Customer Services who asked my clubcard number, said I had been a good loyal customer and sent me a £10 moneycard.

    My peeved state turned into a :)
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    Also check receipts for cashier errors - bought three items the same, got charged for four, YS scanned at original price or first reduction price if reduced twice or more, loose produce weighed as more expensive item. For example, I was charged for an organic butternut squash not the standard one. It's 60p more a kg.
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    I have always done this - much to the annoyance of my OH when its only pennies - but look after the pennies and pounds will look after themselves :) - habit I got from my late mother. I have now got an A$da savings xmas savings card and each time I get the £2 from them it goes on it - think I have accumulated £64 since 2015 - always handy at back of the purse just in case.
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    Tesco is the best place to be over charged imo , as long as you don't query is at the checkout and take it up with CS instead :)

    Double the money back plus the item , I love when they over charge :)

    I think it's double the difference not double the actual price.
    E.g. If you were charged 50p instead of 40p - you'd get double the difference = 20p.

    I always find I have to ask.

    Also once my shop came to more than I expected so I checked my receipt before leaving the store and the very first item was for a £34.99 printer ink cartridge that I'd not bought! :eek:
    Apparently the cashier had done a price check for another customer and forgotten to clear it.
    They refused to give me double because they said it was cashier error. :(
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    Much as I dislike this sleazeball rag, this link to The Sun explains DTD:
    For example, you bought a large box of soap powder which was priced at £5 on the shelf but you get charged £10 at the till.
    All you need to do is go to the customer service desk, explain there has been an error and say you want “double the difference”.
    You should then receive back £5 for the overcharge AND an additional £5.

    Tesco is shy about promoting the policy but a spokesman told The Sun Online that it was “a way to provide a little extra help to its customers”.

    Last week, a Tesco customer bought a gift box that was in the sale for £12.50 but they were charged £30 instead.
    He posted on the 10 Ways Facebook group about how he had got £30, plus an extra £5 for the inconvenience.

    A Tesco spokesman said: “In the unlikely event that we charge you more than the price shown on the shelf or on the product at the time of purchase, we’ll give you double the difference.
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    Do you check your till receipts ? If you don't you could be getting ripped off by supermarket pricing errors. Here's 3 that I've experienced recently. Notice the different responses from each supermarket.
    1) Tesco - £10 Finest Meal Deal - I was charged full price for each item because 1 item had been wrongly stocked on the Meal Deal display shelf. Meal Deal items have a different barcode from normal stock and are stamped with the words Meal Deal, yet staff are mixing them together with normal stock. If one item in your basket hasn't got the correct barcode then you will be charged the normal price for ALL items. Getting a refund from Customer Service is a story for another day. But let me give an example of one other customer's experience observed by my wife. The same scenario as above - the customer service staff remarked that the customer ' should have checked that all the items were marked Meal Deal' before putting them into her basket.

    2) M&S Food- Same situation as above. I had to wait for 15 minutes while the store MANAGER processed the same complaint from the customer in front of me. When it was my turn, I had to ask him, after he refunded my £5.80 overcharge, for an explanation for the error. He actually went red faced and said that he didn't know. The answer is above- mixed barcode stock. The difference here is that none of the M&S Meal Deals are marked as such on the individual items, so you can't blame the customer, unlike the Tesco story. Customer Goodwill gesture ? NONE.
    In both above cases how many customers overpaid by £5 to £6 and didn't notice ?

    3) ASDA- A simple failure to adjust the computer price for a ROLLBACK item resulting in a 20 pence overcharge. The customer service response was to refund me the overcharge and present me with a £1 voucher as a Goodwill Gesture along with an apology for the error. I always find ASDA to be more apologetic and offering goodwill to customer complaints.
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