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Calculating coupon savings?

edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Supermarket Coupons
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MummyMooMummyMoo Forumite
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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Supermarket Coupons
Hi all.

I'm fairly new to couponing but I'm already addicted! I have a spreadsheet that I record them all on, but I'm not sure how to record items and savings if it was already reduced.

Say for example I had a manufacturing coupon for £5 for cat food (yes the very expensive stuff from Pets at a Home and the such) and usually it was £8.44 (see? expensive!) but i did a price comparison across stores and found it in a store that had a temporary in store price reduction to £6.22, then I used my voucher bringing it down to £1.22 (lucky aren't I?!). Would that mean I have saved £5 because that's the face value of the coupon, or would I have saved £7.22 because I've shopped around to maximise my voucher? Or even more complicated... I usually spend £2 on the same amount of cat food so would I only have a true saving of 78p?!

Thanks for your patience following all of my rambling there! :rotfl:
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  • umamiumami Forumite
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    You hadn't said whether your cat enjoyed the posh food!
    I would say you have given your cat a treat!
    I like your detailed research before using the voucher.
    Using my head I would say you saved 78p.
    But giving your cat a treat is worth it whatever!:rotfl:w
  • Random question but I'm just about to start trying to coupon and I wondered if you can let me know what's on your spreadsheet?? I love spreadsheets but just don't know where to start with one for this x
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    VikkiG1972VikkiG1972 Forumite
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    I've really gotten into coupons recently (now addicted!) - you can save a fortune.

    My rule of thumb is to only use coupons for products I would usually buy OR where if I switch to a different brand I will still make a saving against what my regular brand would cost. I calculate my savings based on the best price of the product available at that time - I check the price of my REGULAR brand as well as the brand attached to the coupon. Therefore, I would calculate your saving as 78p.
  • Tamzin64Tamzin64 Forumite
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    I was wondering which were the best online sites for printing coupons. I've have a few error messages saying that the site is dodgy, although they are from the companies themselves. Could anyone point me to some good coupon sites?
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