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MSE News: Holidaysafe to 'improve' policy wording after U-turn on cruise claim

edited 31 March 2017 at 3:14PM in Overseas holidays & travel planning
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The travel insurance firm Holidaysafe is to publish clearer warnings that cruises aren't covered by its standard policy...
Read the full story:
'Travel insurer Holidaysafe to 'improve' policy wording after elderly couple's £3,000 cruise claim is rejected'
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  • IAmWalesIAmWales Forumite
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    However it WAS mentioned at the point customers were asked to enter personal details, with a warning in small red font stating "if you are planning on insuring for a cruise holiday, please ensure that you have selected the specific cruise extension", and it is also mentioned at several points in the full 34-page policy document.

    Please provide screen prints of the above. What font size was the red writing in relation to the other text? What information was given in the policy booklet?

    The site is certainly clear on the need for additional cruise cover now, we don't appear to have any verification of the situation before changes were made.
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    I have booked my single trip travel insurance 3 times with Holidaysafe and my latest booking in Feb was for a cruise , I was made aware there was a cruise supplement and paid an extra £22.89 .
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    I thought cruise supplements were to cover you for missing the ship and cover the cost of getting you to the next port of call.
    As long as you have £10 million cover, you should be ok if you need evacuating from the ship via helicopter in a medical emergency.
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