Call of duty Season passes on activated systems?

Hey Guys,

Was wondering if anyone could enlighten me on this please.
My Mate on COD is unable to download his already bought season pass on Ghosts and black ops 2 (possibly on other CODS too , havent looked yet) . Cos apparently its already on 5 PS3 systems so it says when we tried to download it. Thing is, hes only ever had one PS3 and has never gave it to anyone to download.
He thinks that it could be his ex-wife gave it to her friends when he went offline for a while after the break up. But there again it could've been hacked?
But when he looked into it on the system settings it says the season passes can only be downloaded on 2 systems and not 5. How does he go about deactivating the systems? as i believe his would be deactivated as well? will his purchases be deleted and he have to re-buy everything?
A friend suggested he might have to send in a copy of proof of I.D to do it to show that it belongs to him is that right? Any help would be appreciated.


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