Sainsbury's cancels spring Nectar 'double-up' promo

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Loyalty point collectors have been dealt a blow after supermarket giant Sainsbury's announced it won't be holding its 'double-up' event as expected this month....
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'Sainsbury's cancels spring Nectar 'double-up' promo'
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  • robin58robin58 Forumite
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    Well Sainsburys, continue to put nails into your coffin!

    You cut your nectar points to 1 per pound.

    You put all your prices up in January buy 10% at least whilst even your most expensive competitor , Waitrose is cheaper on some items now.

    You promise a better offer later.What, one of your useless buy £10 of goods and if your lucky you get a few megare points.

    And on top of that you are screwing your stockup staff with 4 hour shift windows in the morning or nightime with of course pay and conditions changes.

    You moaned about the business rates but your were I understand £19m better off.

    Well I am glad I only use Sainsburys now only for goods that I can't get elsewhere. Thats bad considering I have given my custom to my local store over the last 28 years it's been there.

    All I can say Sainsburys is, 'Goodbye and thanks for the fish!'
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  • mabelcablemabelcable Forumite
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    Very disappointed to hear about no double up.
    I was a regular Sainsbury's shopper and collected Nectar points from the Adpoints, till print outs and My Coupons site to use at the double up events.
    Over the last 18months the points were harder and harder to build up and my shopping cost was going up . I used to get about £150 worth to double up but at the last 1 I only had £40 and that was a struggle .
    After that I started shopping in Waitrose and using their Pick your own offers . I have only been in Sainsburys once this year, the only thing i miss is the Fairtrade teabags and the cooked ham. Waitrose cooked meats are very expensive so i have been trying the Aldi ones as it has opened a store across the road from Waitrose.
    Sainsburys have stopped rewarding me for my loyalty so i have taken it elsewhere.
  • minislimminislim Forumite
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    Yet another punishment to loyal sainsburys shoppers.

    They cut the amount of nectar points the other year. but promised that you would get more "deals" vouchers at the till. that failed to materialise.

    then did away with the brand match scheme. but promised comparable low prices.
    after that they appeared to up their prices higher than any of the other supermarkets. dont know why?

    now recently even their petrol/diesel which used to match the cheapest in the area has stopped. now its 4 to 5p a litre dearer than the closest cheapest supermarket.

    im a bit of a savvy shopper geek. as i have the opportunity to visit sainsburys, asda, morrisons and aldi. so i pick out the deals each week and get them from were is cheapest. inevitably i see other things that i might impulse buy.
    but with all this going on. that visit to sainsburys has effectively stopped. there no point going in as its all dearer.

    i really dont know who's coming up with all these ideas? but its well on the road to commercial suicide. put off people going there!

    and then they come up with the most pointless and stupid "food dancing" advertising campaign? what a load of nonsense!

    i predict that sainsburys might not be around in the next couple of years!
  • LuxuryWomanLuxuryWoman Forumite
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    I was looking forward to this, I have around £50 in points currently.
    Sainsburys has got so expensive though, back to Mr T I go (No other choice around here)
    I prefer Sainsburys as I love the homewares and clothing but I can live without them.

    I used to gain a lot of points with Nectar Canvass but those surveys are few and far between now, I was also getting loads (£10 or £15 a week) with E-Rewards but they seem to have de-activated my account (they say due to inactivity but I suspect it's really over activity)

    I may as well just go and spend my points on a few nice things then and forget about it going forward.
  • richardwrichardw Forumite
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    Nectar, which was never any good really, gets worse.
    The double up promotion was only ever on stuff with a massive profit margin anyway, it's not like it was really costing them much.
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  • nick78447nick78447 Forumite
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    Very annoyed by this. Like many others, I've jumped through all the various "hoops" now required to earn points (wine and cleaning products bulk bought etc.) only to find the offer has been withdrawn seemingly on a whim.

    This will keep me away from Sainsburys for a good while.
  • richardw wrote: »
    Nectar, which was never any good really, gets worse.

    Agreed, Nectar has always been pretty rubbish

  • BumblebearBumblebear Forumite
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    Wedding Day Wonder Debt-free and Proud!
    Agreed, I'm a Sainsbury's shopper from a Sainsbury's shopper family, aside from a couple of years where the nearest shop to where I've lived has been too out of the way. Like others I've been savvy with my points over the years and we've done pretty well out of it, free EasyJet flights, and I bought our first Christmas decorations including tree, and a slow cooker, all from our points on a double up promotion, clothes for me etc. I didn't think that was too shabby considering they were earned buying food we needed to eat anyway, fuel we needed in cars anyway (also cheapest in the area) and the cheapest energy tariff for us.

    I thought I was going mad when MySupermarket kept saying that Sainsbury's was second dearest nearly all the time for my lists, sometimes being beaten by Mr Ocado - but it sounds like it's not just me noticing the bills creeping up. I spotted the other evening that there were hardly any promotions on either. The ends of aisles where the BOGOHP, introductory offers etc, were all gone. Just washing liquid and gravy granules. Whilst promotions can make us impulse buy or waste food, which are both bad, sometimes said promotions are on things that you were going to buy anyway - so that's another loss. I'm leaning towards giving up with them and travelling a bit further to go to Mr M - more reasonably priced, more British produce and wonky veg!
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  • I think people are being a bit miserable. Tesco cancelled theirs, sainsburys will be back later in year.

    Plus they are replacing it with another offer which may still be good.
  • minislimminislim Forumite
    355 Posts
    Part of the Furniture 100 Posts Combo Breaker
    I think people are being a bit miserable. Tesco cancelled theirs, sainsburys will be back later in year.

    Plus they are replacing it with another offer which may still be good.

    or will that also fail to materialise?
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