Talk Talk have blocked Teamviewer?

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Has anyone else found that the Teamviewer software does not connect anymore as of today 08/03/2017?

It was working fine yesterday.

I am trying to get some answers from their support......

It looks like they could have done a blanket ban due to the customer list hack and continuous scamming of their customer base using Teamviewer, but this is just a theory


  • Hi,

    I have had the same problem when I tried to use teamviewer today 08/03/2017 I do hope Talk Talk haven't blocked this very useful software because of scammers using it along with aquired IDs and Passwords from one of the many Talk Talk Security breaches.
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    That's interesting, and concerning, as I fix my parents computer using teamviewer, it being much easier to do so than trying to describe to my mother what she should be seeing on the screen and what she should be clicking on.
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    I contacted Talk Talk this morning and they said they are aware that customers are having problems using Teamviewer and they are looking into it. I suggested they email all customers to advise they should change their teamviewer password if they have a fixed one. I will see what they say when they have investigated the problem.
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    Why would they email all customers when 99% of them will never have heard of Teamviewer let alone use it? All that would do is cause mass confusion.
  • I started calling Talk Talk at 10 this morning. To start with they had no idea what Teamviewer is. It took 7 attempts to explain it. Then they went on about how scammers use it and I shouldn't use it. When I said I was aware of how scammers use it but I have used it every day for the last 4 years and wanted to continue they said they couldn't help me any more and I had to talk to talk to their "quality" team. They gave me the support number I had already called and told me it was option 3 - there is no option 3. When I eventually got through to someone else, they told me the same story and put me through to two other people. So in 90 minutes I have explained the issue 15 times, pointed them to the posts on this forum and spoken to 5 people and been on hold for around 40 minutes and now they want to escalate it to someone else and have just cut me off.
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    This is what happens when you use an ISP that is !!!!. Sorry its true.
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    Apparently it is getting back online. Read the post on their forum claiming they expect teamviewer to implement security on their side. What a farce again from talktalk-nonsense, boy am I glad I got rid last year
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    I am happy to say that Teamviewer is now working through a Talk Talk connection :-)
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