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I wonder if any of you lovely people would know the answer to this.

I have never used www.priceyourmeal.com before but after recommendations my boss (who has also never used it), registered, bid and won a meal for 2 with wine and coffees at the Tapaell'ya in Glasgow.

According to the terms and conditions, he was meant to pay for this online after the auction ended and he would be issued with a voucher.

However when the e-mail arrived telling him he had won it also said he was to pay at the restaurant.

He handed me his credit card and asked me to do this for him so I called the restaurant only to be told - no you can't pay by credit card over the phone - you have to bring the voucher with you and pay at the time.

Problem! He wants to use this as a gift voucher prize for a charity raffle. The restaurant did say he could go in in person on the day the winner is going to use the voucher - again not convenient as he doesn't stay in Glasgow) - and pay before they arrive.

This would be okay if he knew the person who won the prize and could explain the situation to them but would it not look a little bit strange to people he doesn't know if he puts a note in with the prize asking them to phone him to tell them when they are going to use it.

Anyway, back to the point - does anyone know if this is the way all of the restaurants work on www.priceyourmeal.com or is this one an exception. Do most of them take the payment online beforehand? or do most of them you need to pay on the day?

I would quite like to use the website for meals for people but wouldn't want the same hassle he has had.


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