Beware Lloyds Bank and S75

I hired a barrister online under the Direct Access scheme to represent me in a civil dispute over double glazing. I had 14 day cancellation rights and, when I paid, I saw from the online terms that I was entitled to a pro rata refund. Three days before the trial, as it was obvious that the barrister still hadn't read the papers and, basically, was winging it each time we spoke, I cancelled. I'd paid by my Lloyds Bank MasterCard credit card, so, when, for no good reason, the barrister made it clear that he was hanging onto my money, I thought I'd be fine.

To my disappointment, Lloyds seemed to be looking for all sorts of reasons not to refund me. Eventually, when I complained that their letters didn't make any sense, they replied that I'd only be entitled to a pro rata refund, in any event.

Naturally, my response was, 'OK then, please listen very carefully: I haven't received a pro rata refund - I haven't received any refund at all - I paid £2000 to cover four days' preparation plus a day's representation at trial, whereas I didn't receive any of this.'

I got nowhere. They just didn't want to know, let alone explain their position logically. :(

My next step will be the FOS, but I just wanted to let you guys know that Lloyds doesn't honour its S75 obligations, not in my experience anyway. :mad:

Did Lloyds Bank honour your S75 claim? 3 votes

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66% 2 votes
Only after the intervention of the FOS
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  • pogofishpogofish Forumite
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    What on earth has this got to do with Stoozing?

    PVW Forum thattaway!
  • BogalotBogalot Forumite
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    What are there reasons for denying your claim?

    How much was your claim for, you are aware that yoi cannot usually claim representation expenses at small claims?
  • Hi Bogalot. It wasn't a small claim - it was Fast track. What was the reason? I couldn't tell you - their letter didn't make sense. That's part of the problem.

    I imagine that the barrister said he'd earned his fee and they realised he wasn't going to return the money in a hurry, so decided they weren't prepared to be out of pocket.
  • ClowpowClowpow Forumite
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    I've been in situations before where I've needed to go down the S75 route because issues with non delivery of goods and Lloyds have been awful to deal with, like in your situation, unwilling to refund under S75 and siding with the merchant! I would never make a risky big purchase on a credit card where lloyds are the card issuer as I have no faith if something were to go wrong even with the overwhelming evidence put in front of them that they would fulfil their legal and joint responsibility to rectify the issue with the merchant.
  • Nick_CNick_C Forumite
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    I made a S75 claim against Lloyds in 2012. My claim included consequential loss. They paid in full and quickly. But the case was simple. I had bought airline tickets and pre paid a hotel. The airline went bankrupt before I was due to fly. Clear liability and evidence. Your case OP is much more complex.
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