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Here have a thread dedicated to free games!

Should you be more of a PC Gamer:

If you have the Steam digital distribution client, there are free games / mods and addons available through that particular download platform.

I, myself, played an excellent fan made mod based on the Half Life series for the princely sum of 0p. It was excellent play for a couple of hours. As was Dr Langeskov, the Tiger and the Incredibly Cursed Emerald.

An MSE tip for the major sales on Steam. The Steam sales used to have 2 or 3 rounds of reduction and you would have to test your nerve and patience to see if a game you wanted would be reduced any further. That changed I think from last year as that no longer happens, the game is reduced once (usually good discounts) so you don't have to worry that it'll drop in price after you purchased it.

MSE#2: If you like a game on Steam and don't wish to purchase it straightaway save it in your wishlist. Steam do periodic reductions throughout the year (discounts tied to specific publishers/game series) and I've found Steam are quite good at sending notifications if a game you wanted has been reduced.

Also if you have Origin (Electronic Arts own version digital distribution client) they do on occasion have games they give away for free. They won't be the most recent games, I downloaded the late 90's Dungeon Keeper(loved it the first time round!) and the current giveaway is Mass Effect 2 but they're FREE!
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  • Here's a list of a few good but free games for PC users wanting something new.

    Avoiding games people call P2W (Pay to Win). These are ones you have to invest money in to have a good character... Other people will have an advantage over you if you don't pay.

    Stick to F2P (free to play) where you can buy things but it's normally to make your character look cool. Not actually having an effect on the way the game plays!

    Most F2P and P2W games make their money through in app purchases so be careful not to get immersed! At the same time, some of them actually look and feel more polished than games you buy for £40 just because they have a continuous income to work with!

    DOTA 2 - Similar to League of Legends mentioned below. I know more about League of Legends than Dota though.
    Dungeon Defenders 2 - A tower defense game.
    Dungeons and Dragons: Neverwinter - Think World of Warcraft but free. Better abilities if you buy things but it's not game breaking if you don't.
    Eve - Space/Economics simulator. Very point and click but looks gorgeous. It's now free to play but if you want to fly the best ships you need to become a subscriber.
    Hawken - FPS game but in Mechs.
    League of Legends - A kind of tower defense game, hard to explain but has a massive following. The heroes in the game rotate every week but you can pay to unlock the same one permanently. I think there's over 100 now...
    Path of Exile - A game like Diablo. They're doing a massive update around June/July which should be good!
    Star Trek Online: MMORPG but in Space. Actually surprisingly good! Even though again it's better if you pay...
    Team Fortress 2 - Comedic FPS. Again, very popular!!
    Unturned - It looks horrible but is a good laugh with a few friends! Free zombie apocalypse game where you need to try and survive against zombies and other humans.
    World of Tanks - 3D Tank shooting game
    World of Warships - Same company as above but for boats
    WarThunder - WW2 fighter plane game (I believe, not actually tried it)

    On Steam, DOTA2 is the second highest played game at this moment with 317,014 people playing (700k was it's peak today). Team Fortress 2 is sixth with 42,560 currently playing.

    From personal experience I do not recommend:

    Blacklight Retribution - FPS game although when I tried it years ago it was really pushing the in app selling... Might be better now though!
    Loadout: FPS but F2P better guns cost money...
    Star Wars: The Old Republic - This took half a day to download and then was pushing me to subscribe. I could jog but couldn't even sprint unless I became a paying member.
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    World of Warships is fun if you like that kind of thing.

    Not free...but can be cheap, maybe check out Humble Bundle (no affiliate) I've had some great stuff from there and you can change how much the charity/developer/seller gets (sale price gets split).
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    Trackmania Nations Forever is an amazing racing game, which is totally free. It's basically a demo for the Trackmania Nations United, which has seven cars to drive (instead of one) and more tracks.

    You can get the free version by clicking "Trackmania 1 Demo" here:

    It's a huge game to give away free. But the upgrade to United is well worth it. Officially £19.99, but you can often buy the DVD on Amazon/eBay for £13ish.
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    Фmong the free games I would suggest a browser flash games. Like a World of Tanks or Dragon's and legends. In this respect I do not stand before a choice
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    I loved a strategies. Now playing in the Nighthold mythic raider from creators of the sensational series of games WoW. :T:T
  • For flash games on your pc / mac / linux etc. ;

    Unlike lots of sites that just host, they develop some really well made games.
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    I read that PC games once they age 25 or 30 years, are automatically free to download?

    No -- I think copyright lasts longer than that -- is it 75 years?

    There used to be a lot of sites that allowed you to download "abandonware" -- old software that is no longer available through legal channels. Technically it's software piracy, but the hope is that, if the author is no longer actively selling their software, they probably don't care and won't sue. Even if they did sue, it would be hard to see what the author could sue for since, as they aren't selling their software themselves, they haven't actually suffered any losses with the illegal downloads.

    I can't comment on the site you've linked to, I'm afraid.
  • in case anyone hasnt seen the news the original starcraft is now free.
  • Thousands of free games here...
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    Production Line is a good, cheap (currently in Alpha) game by Positech Games. Cliff does weekly devblog videos on YouTube which are good and sometimes funny.

    Factorio is an amazing game that's technically still in Alpha yet massively playable.

    RimWorld another good game still in development but massively playable as is

    And another one that isn't on Steam though, is Capitalism Lab. An amazing business game that took up where Capitalism 2 ended.

    It's quite in depth. I've read the original Cap 2 (which CapLab expands on) was such a good business game it was used in Universities as a teaching aid.
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