Lent - Giving up or taking up? Post your resolutions here

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I thought it would be worth having a thread for anyone making health or fitness related resolutions for Lent. For those who don't know, Lent begins on Ash Wednesday (this year Wed 1st March) and lasts for 40 days, ending on Easter Sunday. Traditionally Christians choose to do something which feels like a significant sacrifice to them, often related to food (giving up meat, fasting, giving up a particularly enjoyed foodstuff) or to religion (daily attendance at a religious service for example). This is my potted interpretation based on catholic schooling by the way, for more info see here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lent

I'm not particularly religious these days but I like the idea of creating a time-bound new habit. This year I'm going to give up chocolate (this will feel like a significant wrench for me). I'm also thinking of taking up a 10 minute yoga practice every day but haven't decided on this yet.

Anyone want to join in? You still have a few days to decide what you might like to either take up or give up.


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    I'm going to give up chocolate, cake, sweets, and other confectionary. I have a major sweet tooth and need to go cold turkey for a while to get it under control. I like the idea of giving things up for lent because I think it's a lot more achievable than trying to give something up forever - 40 days is a manageable period and is long enough to break a habit.
    Last year I gave up caffeine and that was pretty tough.
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    I'm giving up alcohol and sweets, but I'll allow myself for biscuit after tea.
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  • I'm giving up sweets. I stopped the alcohol last September, apart from a snowball at Christmas and a sherry at new year. I stopped eating crisps for a while just after Christmas and only started eating them again last week, but just the odd packet. I'm quite proud of myself as I usually struggle giving up treats as I'm greedy haha
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    I'm giving up coffee (but not tea, I need some caffeine!). I'm also continuing to get back into running after having a break over the winter.
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  • definitely giving up the sweets! my sweet tooth is getting out of control...
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    First day of lent and I avoided the chocolate chunk shortbread at a work do today. I did bring an apple figuring that I'd need something as a distraction, and it worked pretty well :) hope you're all doing ok! I'm already more or less off the booze for weight loss reasons but I'm very impressed by the coffee goal, don't think I could manage that!

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    For the observers...

    I had meat in a lovely cottage pie.

    I had a glass of wine.

    I will have a few squares of chocolate later.

    I will not deny myself anything in moderation.

    I am a heathen with absolutely no self control. But no hang ups either. LOL.

    Each to their own I suppose.
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    I've had very little alcohol since new year due to training....I am starting to count the days until I don't have to think 'just one, I'm running tomorrow'
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    I'm not overly religious, but like the defined time period of Lent. I decided to do three things for lent this year:
    1) Give up chocolate (because I eat chocolate daily and my waistline needs a reduction).
    2) Cycle for 20min every day (have an exercise bike and believe this is a manageable goal with two small children, and returning to work after 15months mat leave)
    3) Throw out/ give away/ recycle 40 bags of items - one for each day of Lent.

    So far, one week in, I have cycled every day. I allowed myself one small chocolate coin but have otherwise had no chocolate. I have not however, decluttered daily, but have a plan in place that will cover the items for 2 weeks (selling some books/dvds using ziffit; three bags of baby clothes that littlest one has outgrown being freecycled and some baby equipment being cleared out - Yay).
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