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Last few years I have gotten Euro Annual Trip insurace for my Family - 2 adults 2 kids - and I add on a pre-existing medical for my husband and the cost total has usually been under £100 for a good travel insurance cover.

THis year I had planned to do the same but make the insurance include North America and Canada, the quote is massively more due to the a medemical condition to be covered outwith Europe.

The US Cover is because I am going on a trip to the states with a friend and the rest of the family is not. I have read up that one optin is I get family cover for me and the kids and my husband his own policy - as that may be cheaper.
However given its only me going to the states is there any reason to not do the following
1 single trip cover for me for the states for May.
1 annual family policy for Europe cover only starting in march ( I have a trip to Sweden in April so need to cover that too).

I assume as long as I didnt try and claim off both insurances in case of a problem there is not issue with doubling up?

If there is might look at the separate annual policy although it does come with a few downsides if husband took ill we would have to travel back as we wouldn't be covered.
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