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I have finally exchanged today and just went on to do the "moving" on my telephone, TV and broadband package with TalkTalk.
It seems that they immediately want to cancel my 50% off deal that I have only signed up to about 2 months ago thus meaning I am on a much higher price. Presumably I would be right in saying that if they can do this then in the same vain I must be able to leave free of charge?

Thanks in advance


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    No. You have broken the contract to supply at your old address by moving, so you can leave if you pay the early termination charge that your act of breaking the contract caused.
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    As already stated , they have you by nads, it's you who are altering the terms of your deal by moving, that allows them to play hard ball with you, so they are two options , pay the ETC's at your old address and find an acceptable deal from someone at your new address , or allow TT to waive the ETC's at your old address, in return for a new contract at your new address, but as you have found they don't have to offer you a particularly good deal at your new address, they are going to 'win' either way.
    You would have to decide what's better financially for you, pay ETC's , or pay more per month for whatever contract length TT want at your new address
  • Thank you very much for the responses. I will find out what the termination fee is and go from there.
    Thanks again.
  • Well I gave them a call to find out my termination charge since I am not long into an 18 Month contract.
    I told them it was because they were going to cancel the special deal price and my monthly price would go up to £46 plus line rental Plus £50 installation charge. Bearing in mind I currently pay £36.00
    They instead offered me a 12 month contract with the same package plus faster broadband for £25.00 and wavered the £50 installation charge!

    Result! and a happy customer!
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