Fit again in 2017

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Hey all,

I'm sure many of us started the year with plenty of new year resolutions dotted down which I'm sure included a few fitness/Health oriented goals.

Would love to know what people are doing differently this time round whether it's dietary changes, different style of workout or any other change.

Any luck with those changes :-) ?

Please do share


  • Making a conscious effort this time.

    I'm 45 and have family history of high cholesterol and blood pressure so went to the GP on 2nd Jan....both raised so have taken it on myself to do the following:

    Eat better - more protein, less carbs mainly)
    Drink less alcohol (did dry January which helped)
    Exercise more (5-6 gym classes per week- mainly spinning which is insanely good for burning calories)

    Not rocket science but since 2nd Jan to 22nd Feb I'm 29lbs lighter, fitter, less tired and apart from a bad cold this week a lot healthier!!

    My first target was to lose another 9lbs and then to get another 7-14lbs off by the Summer and who knows maybe more!
  • Thanks for Sharing :-D

    WoW Congratulations on the 29lbs weightloss, impressive numbers. You're definitely outdoing most haha.

    I think I'll definitely incorporate spinning/cycling into my routine. My workouts are more resistance/weight training based and not enough cardio.

    Regarding your diet, are you tracking macros & calories ? Or just making healthier food choices ?

    Thanks for sharing, keep up the good work :-D,
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    Christopher the spammer.

    I love skip diving.
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