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Ps4 vr

What's the cheapest you've seen it for and where did you see it?
OH really wants one but it's like buying a new console!? Over priced in my opinion. But I want to get him one anyway.


  • Johnmcl7Johnmcl7 Forumite
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    Just getting a hold of PS VR is difficult as it's still out of stock most places so there's almost no deals to be had, some people were able to use vouchers for Very but that's about it.

  • AndyBSGAndyBSG Forumite
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    As John says, you'll be lucky to find anywhere that has them in stock at the moment so given how high demand is as a result you'll be lucky to get a deal.
  • WindofchangeWindofchange Forumite
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    Loads of it in stock.

    My local Argos has had it for the past few weeks. You won't find a deal no but you'll find it!
  • Ahh, sorry. For some reason I thought this was about the PS Pro, not the PS VR!

    Anyway, the PS VR is appearing back in stock in most places now but i'll offer a few pointers to the OP.

    - First up, you'll need a Playstation Camera as well as the PS VR. This costs about £40 so you'll need to budget for that.

    - Secondly, you'll pretty much need a pair of Playstation Move controllers which is about another £70

    So, all in all you'll need to add about another £100 on top of the £350 for the PS VR itself unless your OH already has those items(very few PS owners do)

    The other thing is that there really aren't any games out for the PS VR so i'd advise against buying one yet.

    Sony have a history of introducing expensive new hardware then not actually making games for it(the PS Vita being a prime example) and the PS VR could end up the same way.

    There's a couple of games out for it at the moment but there is very little news of any new games being developed.

    My brother has got one and I was quite dubious about it but after having a go I have to say i'm now very impressed but won't be splashing that sort of cash until I see a decent number of games announced for it.
  • neolessneoless Forumite
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    The selection PS4 has excellent prospects. But today, for every taste you can pick up a gaming console. Watch the video in Yuotube, there is a lot of interesting things.
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