Pay car park near breast screening centre Altnagelvin

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Just wondering if there is a pay car park near this centre and if it is usually full at 9am? I have an appt there at 9.15am and have to travel approx 1.5 hrs. Can't leave earlier than 7.30 as have no childcare until then. Thanks in advance xx


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    Not familiar with the hospital, but as you haven't got any replies yet...

    From looking at their website, there are 2000 parking spaces on-site. The Breast Screening Unit is close to the new multi-storey car park and there are also a few free car parks dotted around that part of the grounds (not sure if they are staff only though). The large free car parks are on the other side of the hospital.


    You can actually Google Streetview around the hospital: Multi-storey car park on the right, screening unit off on the left somewhere to get an idea of how busy it might be.

    If it's anything like the City and RVH, which I am familiar with, the car parks don't start really filling up until around 9.30.

    Hopefully someone who actually knows what they are talking about will be along soon :)
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    Large new Multi Storey Car Park quite close to Breast Screening Unit at the hospital. Free parking near and behind the unit too but usually full before 9am.

    Multi Storey is 70p per hour.

    Site map below should hopefully show and be of use to you.

    I am trying, honest;) very trying according to my dear OH:rotfl:
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