Suggestions for trekking boots for Kilimanjaro


I'd be grateful for any suggestions for a new pair of trekking boots for a male aged 39 which anyone may be able to suggest. My knowledge around boots is very minimal so any pointers/links are appreciated.

The boots will be used to climb Kilimanjaro in May. That is the rainy season, so waterproof is a key feature as it is likely to be raining for some parts of most days. Temperatures will be reasonable for most of the trip, but cold towards the top of the mountain but that should only be for a single day. The trek will be 7 days, camping every night, with only 1 day of hard trekking (ascent day), which will involve an hour or two of trekking up loose scree.

Due to space/packing constraints, after the trek I'll be using them for a couple of months on a drive across very rough roads in central Africa, with liklihood of having to dig a big vehicle out of mud, push it, etc.

Budget isn't much of an issue, but no desire to spend more than necessary to get what I need as after the trip the boots are unlikely to be used for serious trekking again, just for easy walks in the UK.

I've always previously used basic boots for walking, which have been fine around England and Scotland but I think something better will be needed as my current boots are not particularly waterproof.

Thanks in advance for any replies.


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    I'm of the opinion that Gore-tex & other waterproof linings are gimmicks. Feet sweat, and the pores in these membranes get blocked by sweat. In wet conditions, water will find its way inside regardless unless you are using something like a pair of wellies - Hardly ideal walking footwear.

    Having hiked in a variety of places (New Zealand, Mountains of USA, Lakes & Highlands), I've taken to wearing lightweight shoes that will dry out fast - These have mesh panels to let water out and if I need a waterproof layer, pedal-bin liners work great.

    Remember - Feet will get wet regardless of what shoe/boot you use. Get something that dries out quick and above all is comfortable.
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    I've been up Killi and you do need gortex leather boots with ankle support. Make sure they fit properly as the last thing you need is blisters. The track we used uphill was muddy in part due to rain but downhill track was extremely muddy.
    I suggest you go to an outdoor shop, not Blacks or Millets, they are ok for boots to use on high streets but not on serious walks. Do you have a Tiso or Cotswolds near you?
    Good luck with your climb, it's easy as long as you do what your guide tells you, go slow.
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    This thread has some sugggestions that might be useful:
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    As well as traditional walking boots consider military/police types. These tend towards being lighter and more flexible whilst still giving good support and traction. Altberg are very good as are Lowas.
    Also get some decent supportive insoles. Superfeet are the 'gold standard' but similar are available on Amazon for less dosh.
    Whatever you get make sure you give them a few good wears to get them broken in and moulded to your feet.
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    Mountain Warehouse leather VIPER walking boots, tough, waterproof and reasonably cheap about £50-70, had a pair for years. Took my all over and up all 3 Britains highest in winter, sure they'd survive an ascent of Kilamanjaro.
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