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Does USB mic work with PS3?


I have dug out an old (but working) USB mic and was hoping to use it with my PS3 for online interaction. Seems fine on the accessory test page on the console (bar goes up and sound comes out of the telly), but in game I cannot be heard. Do games not support microphones connected to the console?


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    I used a combi headset and mic on PS3 - connected via USB - is that what you mean? You may need to look at the settings for in-game sound on the settings menu. (TBH it's been a while since I used my PS3). Failing that, you may need to adjust the settings within the game. From what I can remember, online coms were during the game only on PS3, whereas on PS4 you can set up party chats and communicate at all times. That would mean you could only speak to and hear other players whilst playing the relevant game mode only, rather than in menus etc.
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    Its kind of working now, just only every now and then. No reason to when it works and when it doesnt.
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    Of course, you will not have a sound in game mode. After all, the audio output is not connected between the console and your USB mic. Connect the console to another speaker.
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