Damaged for ever?

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    Is this the same for Trust deeds in Scotland are they're similar to IVA?
    I'm about to apply for my AIP next week with Halifax,so I'll let you know how i get on. I've spent the past year sorting out my credit file and saving to get to this point. I'm 3 years post discharge.. my trust deed is form 2010. I've saved my deposit, and have a clear credit history in the past 4 years. Fingers crosse :o
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    Most mortgage lenders go off date of discharge for IVAs and Bankruptcy.

    There are some lenders who will go off date of entry and so I would be relatively confident that there would be lenders who would consider you once the IVA is completed (dont forget to get confirmation it has all been settled as the lender will likely request it).

    Best of luck.
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  • I've been speaking to a company called finance advice centre and they seem really helpful.Does anyone know of them? I spoke to someone else a few weeks ago from a local broker, but I think this new company seem to know what they're doing. I'll be applying once next week. Thanks for your comments
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