Resident Evil 7

Anybody played this yet .. Reviews seem mixed

I am going to get it to see for myself, just wondering if MSE land thinks its worth 40 odd squid


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    It is worth it. Go for it
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    It's not my sort of game but from what I've seen of it the game looks very good, they seem to have managed to start with a clean slate forgetting all the convoluted storylines from before making it more appealing to those new to it and not losing existing fans. I've friends who have enjoyed it as a horror game and other who are big RE fans that have also really liked it.

    Whether it's worth £40 or not is a more difficult question particularly as the game doesn't really have much replay value. I tend to hold off single player games as they'll be cheaper in time and often improved as well so there's little benefit to buying early on. With a solid multiplayer game it's a harder choice as waiting until the price has dropped can mean the community population has dropped a lot and it's a fairly elite group that are left which is discouraging to get into. Buying the game on release is usually when there's lots of people playing and you can learn the game at the same time rather than getting stomped all the time plus a good multiplayer game can have a huge amount of replay value. I've had a few games which have not been great though and I've really regretted buying them at launch.

  • neolessneoless Forumite
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    And what do you think about the settling of the ocean by these terrible creatures? Eh Resident Evil 7, that's another thing. I know for myself. Act, you will succeed.
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