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Hello all, we are considering purchasing land in county Down (rural setting) to have a house built. We're looking for an estimate of the range to expect per square foot (not to include kitchen, bathroom, landscaping or the land cost). Also, we'd need some idea of the cost for utilites (electricity & water).

We'd like to approach a few builders if anyone would have a recommendation?



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    Any houses close by where you could ask owners for some advice?
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    Can't help with the build cost, but electricity from a main road 60m away in Hilltown was going to be in the range of £30K 5 years ago. This was despite their being a separate line to another home only 40m away already in place.

    Build never went ahead (at least not yet) but I wouldn't be surprised if you face something similar.
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    TX001 wrote: »
    We'd like to approach a few builders if anyone would have a recommendation?

    You don't want to be taking to a builder.

    Once you have a plan for the house you need to consult a Quantity Surveyor, who will be able to work out the build cost for you.
  • A lot of different variables that will affect cost. Choice of construction / materials will obviously affect costs. ie windows pvc/aluminium, roof covering slate/tile, floor slab joists or precast slab

    thats just a few, therefore cost can vary from £50 to 100 sq ft. £60-70 is a good guide
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    When you visit whoever is going to design the house, you should mention costs to him/her. It is something they have to take into account when they design the house. They should know roughly how much it cost in terms of per square foot and be able to advise you accordingly. If is really part of their job and if they do not know then you probably have gone to someone very inexperienced.
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    Talk to an architect !

    Building your home is such an important decision, you need to get it right. You will generally only get one go at it
    Concentrate on architects who specialise in residential design. Most will chat costs through with you over the phone. I would advise you to budget 80-90 per Sq foot if you're going to engage a builder and not do it yourself
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