Maxburn fitness plate????

Can anyone comment on this thing, can buy one new and sealed for £350 but clock is ticking on price.

Wife has eye on it but not much info available.
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  • I can assure you the models did not get their physiques from standing/sitting/insert as appropriate on a little machine that vibrates.

    Unfortunately, theres no substitute for hard work, especially in exercise. The best 'bang for buck' to improve overall fitness, is some HIIT. You'll get good results provided you put in the effort.

    Suggest the £350 is better spend on a propertly fitted pair of trainers and a few months gym memberhip/good set of weights.

    Source: Qualified fitness instructor and 15+ year experience.
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    Thanks but that's not what I asked.
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    What kind of answer were you looking for then?
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    I can not comment on the exact one in your link. But a member of my family purchased a similar one but it had handles to hold on to so was a lot more expensive and it honestly did not do anything for her. She used it on a regualr basis and she had no weight loss and no toning of her muscles at all. In fact it turned out to be a complete waste of money for her and it now sits in her garage not being used. She used it for about 3 or 4 months initially. She actually offered it to a local gym for free as she decided she wanted to get rid of it and the gym said they definitely would not take it even for free because they are rubblish and do not do what they state they do.

    Hope that is some help

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    What kind of answer were you looking for then?

    Along the lines of #5.
    Don’t be a can’t, be a can.
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    Does it say the maximum watts?
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