Ex is overpaying child maintenance

Afternoonf all,

My ex ix is paying child maintenance, he has been reassessed by CSA and we've been informed that he will be paying a bit less each month.

The problem is, he still pays the original amount (3 months so far).Unfortunately we are no longer on speaking terms.

What should I do? Contact CSA to inform him? Will I be required to return the over payments?

Many thanks.


  • Guest101
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    But the better question is why are you spending it? If you just put it aside, it's there when he needs it back?
  • chev_chelios
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    Who said anything about having spend the money? Would you like me to pay him interest on it as well?

    To clarify, I don't need the money nor do I want it. I want to receive only what the CSA arranged.
  • Guest101
    Guest101 Posts: 15,764 Forumite
    Who said anything about having spend the money? Would you like me to pay him interest on it as well? - well if you don't spend it, there's no issue is there?

    To clarify, I don't need the money nor do I want it. I want to receive only what the CSA arranged.

    Send it back ?
  • justontime
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    It may be that the adjustment is just working through the system (especially if the money is being deducted from his salary). I don't think you are required to point out the overpayment but I think it would be sensible to do so. If you put the money aside you will have it if you are required to return it or if you receive a low payment to take account of the overpayment.
  • Or if he continues to pay it, put the money into an account for your children to have when they are young adults.
  • Fission
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    Is he up to date on all his payments to you?

    In other words, might he owe you any arrears which are being whittled down by the apparent overpayments?

    A huge proportion of child support cases have arrears on them.
  • CakeCrusader
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    The CSA assessment is the bare minimum that he should be paying, so if he chooses to pay above this, this is his decision. There have been times when they've reassessed though and asked for maintenance back (I'm sure there's threads on here), so it may be wise to pop it into a high interest account if you don't need it, just incase.
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    the maintenance isn't for you though. it is for the children.
    if you want the bare minimum, then that is fine, but the children have the right to the maximum support that their parentS can provide.
    put the extra away for them when they're older
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    My ex was reassessed on the new system and the amount was less than on csa. I wasn't sure if he was getting the letters the new service were sending to him so asked what I'd need to do if the original amount was still being paid. The man replied that it'd be a bonus for me and never implied it'd need to be sent back as it would be the ex's fault, no on elses.
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    Which system are you on?

    Does he pay you direct or do CSA collect and pass it on.

    The overpayments will be repayable either by adjustment at your next review or if he requests it when the case ends and they do a final check.
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