seagrass flooring

Just moved into a place with this. The lounge is fab but it's also in the high traffic entrance hallway and looks a bit grubby. Everything I see online suggests washing will ruin the fibres. Any other top tips? It'll be a while before I get the time to replace it!
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    I think you have to use a dry powder to clean it as the flooring doesn't like moisture.
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    looks lovely until it gets dirty, dont get it wet though!! dry powder clean only im afraid. lady i once worked for had it throughout, was ok until one of the kids was sick on it! had to replace it. eww!!! xx
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    I have good quality sisal carpets, stairs, upstairs and study. It can never be washed as any wet leaves a darker stain and also ruins the texture. You can get special powder, I once had a felt tip mark that came out by using powder. I barely need to clean my carpet, it is fabulously hard wearing but no-one goes on it in outdoor shoes. Sebo do a special cleaning system.and a special powder. I would persist with the entrance carpet, I think it will come up very clean and then I would get a cotton type rug for on top. For normal cleaning, I use a roomba (just me and retired ) It also comes up very well indeed with one of the special rolling head brushes on the vac cleaner

    Re the post above and sick. Yes, would agree so I always have good rugs next to any bed the grandchildren use
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    thanks Kittie, I'll have a look at sebo powders!
    2021 GC £1365.71/ £2400
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