Brightening up new flat?

I am always exhausted at new flat which I assumed was due to rushing about in past month, but I think its mainly due to the fact I have curtains closed all the time (as its ground floor and I don't yet have nets) as when I go to old flat to clean I don't feel as tired.

Outside of getting nets for new place so I can open curtains what else can I do?


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    Self adhesive window film works really well and if done properly, can look really smart - I have some on a landing window that is overlooked (saves my blushes when heading for the bathroom semi dressed) I also have a sheer roller blind that I use on that window during the winter as a way of getting a much natural light as possible but with the added benefit of an extra layer of insulation.

    A couple of lamps with 'daylight' bulbs might also help - usually available from arts suppliers and larger DIY shops.
  • I have to agree with The Gardener - I have window film in the room I get dressed in. I didn't want curtains or nets because i used the window sill for perfume/jewellery etc. I have a floral pattern in white, it cost less than £30 for materials and i installed it myself, actually quite easy!
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    May I suggest a carbon monoxide detector just in case.......? The exhaustion you get every time you go in might not be all it seems!
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    I would strongly suggest taking a tour of local charity shops to see what's available to turn your flat into a home (I donated some very expensive voiles myself just last week). Post on Freecycle, look for Free Stuff on Gumtree etc.

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    Beedeedee makes a very valid point re carbon monoxide detectors. Do you have any gas boilers/ appliances / heaters at your new flat? You can't personally detect carbon monoxide as it has no smell but tiredness is a symptom as it combines with your red blood cells so they can't carry the oxygen your body needs to make energy. Well worth checking.
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    Are you just looking for a quick fix until you get nets? Or are you looking for something more permanent to obscure the view?

    How big are the windows?

    If it's just a temporary fix then you could use a very thin white wash over the glass - made from mixing a small amount of emulsion with water - which acts as frosting. This can then be removed with a soapy water soak and a scraper / washing up scrubby sponge. You can paint the wash on in pretty patterns or swirls...

    Or you could use a bed sheet - which should be thin enough to let light through.

    I second the suggestion of going to some charity shops - or asking on a local Facebook group or Freegle / Freecycle.
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    Until you get fixed up with nets or blinds etc, can you not just open the curtains up now and then to see what the traffic is like outside? Maybe it's not too bad and with the curtains open you get to see the coming and goings of your new environment.

    As for brightening the place up, houseplants always feel like home to me and they need light as you do.

    Are cushions and furniture throws/blankets too girly? Haha, maybe but boy are they comfy and warm to snuggle into on these winter nights whilst watching tv or on the computer.

    How many windows do you need cover for and what size are they?
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    I have 2 carbon monoxide alarms but not tested them.

    I don't like having the ability for people to look into my property, theres a lot of kids around here, when I looked out of window when I first moved in primary school kids got off a bus and said "what you looking at fatty" and gave me the finger and yesterday someone set fire to the bin outside my flat, and I see dodgy kids a lot.

    Most neighbours either have nets or blinds and curtains.

    They are large double windows, say about 6 or 7 feet all across, when I use a double duvet cover it just about covers one corner to another bar about 6 inches.

    Its probably a combination of rushing about and mostly eating junk since I moved in since I don't have a cooker yet and serious lack of light, though maybe getting woken at 6am by neighbour kids and them playing all day plays a part too lol.
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    I would really recommend a 'bottom up blind' or possibly a frosting sheet to give you some privacy :)
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