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Parking Charge Notices - Help required

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Parking Charge Notices - Help required

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Sparky350Sparky350 Forumite
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I work for a company whose drivers have parked in places they shouldn't and we have now received several letters chasing payment because the original letters from the parking companies have been ignored! We are the registered Keeper and Owners of the vehicles.

I have taken over this task and I am looking for guidance on how we can sort this mess out before it gets out of hand.

I currently have 4 lots of parking charges that I need to deal with so here goes:

PCN 1. Last letter received from Debt recovery Plus stating notice of intended court action - there has been no communication between us and the original creditors (UK Car Park Management Ltd) WHAT IS THE BEST COURSE OF ACTION GOING FORWARD?

PCN 2. Last letter received from Debt Recovery Plus stating we can pay our parking charge of £160.00 - only communication sent to original creditor (ParkdirectUK) was a letter advising we were not going to disclose who was driving and advised them that they need to pursue the driver when they identify them. They have responded to advise that they cannot accept an appeal as the matter has now been passed to Debt Recovery Plus - WHAT ARE THE NEXT STEPS THAT WE SHOULD BE TAKING?

PCN 3. There has been some communication on this PCN but not in a timely manner. We received the letter from Debt recovery plus advising of a reduced payment offer to avoid court action. A response was sent from our company advising we were not going to pay and that we would be dealing with their client only. (template letter used from this site). We also sent another letter *template taken from this site) to UK CPM advising that we were not advising who was driving and asking them about the landowner etc.. We then received a letter from Gladstone Solicitors advising that we need to pay £149 to Debt Recovery Plus or legal action will be taken. We then received a response from CPM who have advised that we could appeal through the IAS which we have tried to do but the PCN is not registered. We have responded to them to advise that we have tried to appeal but we are able to do as they have suggested and asked them for a resolution in this matter - FURTHER ADVISE REQUIRED

PCN 4 - Last letter received from TRACE Debt Recovery Limited advising that they have been asked to collect the outstanding debt. We have replied to advise we will not be paying the money demanded and that we will only deal with the client (template taken from this website) we have also sent a letter to the client advising that we would not be dealing with the debt recovery company and that there is no reason as to why they cannot accept an appeal at a later date (template taken from this website) - FURTHER ADVISE REQUIRED

I know that this is mammoth task but I am hoping that someone out there can help me get this all under control.

If you can help, please can you state which PCN you can help with so that i don't get any more confused than I already am :).

Thank you in advance!


  • QuentinQuentin Forumite
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    Debt collectors letters covered in this thread:
  • Thanks for your reply. I didn't think we were suppose to ignore the letters we have received. We have not appealed properly at any stage as all PCN's have gone pass the point of appeal. Is it still okay to ignore the debt collection letters if we haven't replied to the original PCN letter?
  • QuentinQuentin Forumite
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    Yes, it's all you can do. (Apart from approach the land owners concerned to get them to get the PPCs to cancel the charges - as advised in the newbies faq thread at the top of the forum).

    You are too late for any appealing to the PPCs

    If they move from the debt collector stage to taking court action then come back for advice on dealing with that
  • That's great. Thank you for your help.
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    RedxRedx Forumite
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    the NEWBIES sticky thread explains what SHOULD have been done, in post #1

    ie:- always appeal in england and wales

    after that IGNORE may be the best option, especially for IPC members where POPLA is not an option

    there is a post in that thread that deals with debt collectors too , as does this thread

    but for these private invoices you should ALWAYS ignore the debt collectors , they are powerless to act , especially people like DRP who are [email protected] and can do nothing but send out toilet paper (as you have found out) - never PHONE them , never reply to them

    DRP = Dont Reply , Period !!!!

    its an LBC or an MCOL that should not be ignored (from the PPC or their solicitor , or an MCOL from Northampton)

    so for IPC members , its appeal once , then IGNORE , unless you get an LBC or an MCOL within 6 years

    and ALWAYS complain to the landholder or managing agent and insist on cancellations

    hope that helps ?
  • Thank you. I wasn't sure what to do as it had gone beyond the point of responding to the private parking company.
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