nectar points/my coupons woe!!

Hi all
Is anyone else having a problem with nectar points from 'my coupons' not being added ?? or any advice for sorting with nectar/sainsbo's as the live chat and call centre are not vey helpful so far ??
Thanks !!
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    I've not used Sainsbury's My Coupons for some time now but found it was a couple of working days later before they were added to my Nectar account.

    When did you last successfully manage to collect them OP?
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    it was 16/12 successfully and the ones i'm having trouble with are for an order i recieved on 22/12...
    i usually get them a few days after the order is processed..:(
    Best headline ever on local paper??
    "Weight loss group doubles in size"
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    I selected some for when I did a shop the week before Christmas (18th I think). I had forgotten all about them but your post has prompted me to check and mine haven't been added either. Maybe things will get back to normal after the new year!
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  • It is totally rubbish at present! Have been with My Coupons for nearly 2 yrs and it has got progressively worse. For months, coupons weren't being validated even though items purchased - that seems to have improved recently.. Since November, coupons are validated, email received saying points added but frequently they are not added. I email copies of email they have sent me + receipts and eventually I get points added. However, this week I was told to contact Nectar to sort it- neither accepting it's their problem. To make matters worse, the team said to make sure I swipe my nectar card- how do they think the coupons were validated if I hadn't swiped my card! In fairness they do award me extra points from time to time as an apology but that is not what I'm after- I just want the system to work like it used to.
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