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Storing Downloaded Music

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I apologise in advance because I suspect I'm about to ask some stupid questions.

We have a NAS with a Sonos system attached to it. We've been copying & storing our cd collection onto the NAS so we can play them via the Songs.

However I'd like to be able to buy newly released music & store it straight onto the NAS. Is there any EASY way of doing this ?

My understanding of the likes of iTunes & Spotify is that you can pay a monthly subscription & you can access your music whilst you pay that subscription but as soon as you stop paying you lose access. Am I right ?

Any advice ?




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    Hi - yes as soon as you stop your subscription you lose access to your music on Spotify and Apple Music. On iTunes you pay as you go to download music, be it an album or individual song, and you keep them forever. Music downloaded from iTunes ( or Amazon digital) can be stored on your NAS along with your current music.

    A subscription to Spotify or Apple music works great with SONOS, but would kind of negate all the work you've done moving your music collection to your NAS as you can play just about any track via a streaming service straight through SONOS.
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