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Hi all,

So I joined DL around this time last year on a 18-23 membership. I paid for the full year upfront, which works out at around £55 per month. They emailed me just before the end of the year to say that my annual renewal membership fee would be due in the next month, at the tune of around £115 a month, this is because I would be too old for the 18-22 membership.

I just ignored this, as I had no intention of renewing at that cost, and so stopped going to DL at the end of my contract. A couple of weeks later I then get a phone call from DL saying that by membership is in arrears by over £1k. I explained that I did not want to renew as I could not justify the cost, and it turns out you must give three months notice = what a money making con. This is in my contract, however if I'm being honest I never read the terms and conditions, lesson learnt there.

I agreed that my contract does say I must give three months, and so I am happy to pay around the £55 mark for the three-month notice period. However I explained that I cannot afford £115, and the contract that I signed was for a 18-22 membership at around £55 a month.

I have no idea where I stand if I flat out refuse to pay it, which I think I should do, it seems so unjust to double someone’s membership without giving them a heads up notice regarding the 3 month notice. Could they take me to court, or send bailiffs to try to recover the money. If anyone could give me any held it would be greatly appreciated.


  • Does it say anywhere on your contract that after a year it will rise to the higher rate?
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    A couple of weeks later I then get a phone call from DL saying that by membership is in arrears by over £1k.
    Why are you £1000 in arrears after only a few weeks?
  • No where does is say that after a year it will rise to a higher rate. But is does say that they have to give you three moths notice if there is to be any increase. Whilst they did give me notice of the increase, they did not remind me that I would have to give three months notice If I couldn't afford the increase. Also the increase they quoted me in advance was for £85 per month, and when I called saying that I didn't want to renew as I couldn't really justify the price, turned out they had quoted me a different membership to the one I had been on. Basically I was on a racquets membership but the one they quoted me on in advance was non racquets, and the renewal price they sent did not say this. So the actual cost is £115, so surely they don'y have a leg to stand on if they quoted me the wrong membership anyway. I don't owe them that arrears amount, just if I wanted to renew the annual membership, note this £1000 does not include racquets.
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    You might have a chance due to the fact David Lloyd force their contract renewals without permission being gained. Look on citizens advice web site for "Cancelling gym membership" page.

    and read The Guardian article from 7th march 2013 which is about how DL and other big gym companies were told to mend their ways by the regulator , good luck.
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