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Government petition-Make dyslexia, dyspraxia and dyscalculia testing free on the NHS

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Government petition-Make dyslexia, dyspraxia and dyscalculia testing free on the NHS

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izzwiz1izzwiz1 Forumite
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Hi there everyone , Luckily I didnt have to pay for my dyslexia test at college but its £500 FOR A TEST!!
I wanted to post this petition address to make everyone aware of it!!!

I have signed the petition as I strongly believe that people shouldnt have to pay for a test because in some cases were familys dont have much money this means that they wont beable to afford it and are not getting the right support that they might desperatley need!!!

For people who would like to sign the petition look below!

Since this website wont let me put the petition link in. I will tell you how to get to the petition link
Go to google and type in .....MAKE DYSLEXIA, DYSPRAXIA, AND DYSCALCULIA TESTING FREE ON THE NHS!. Its the third link down the page on Google search.(Petition parliment uk link)


  • GlasweJenGlasweJen Forumite
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    so you want the already struggling NHS to be forced to pay through the nose for more educational psychologists, find spaces in hospital clinics to have people visit them for consultations and then pay all of the EPs expenses so that they can go and do observational visits at schools up and down the health authority area as these conditions are best assessed in the learning environment?
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  • CyclamenCyclamen Forumite
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    I know some people fall through the system but I was under the impression schools had a system for testing and diagnosing?

    I am an ex teacher and a long time out of the system but when i suspected one of my sixth former's was dyslexic I discussed with a colleague in the learning support department who did some in house tests before referring her on for a diagnosis. My student wasn't charged anything and received the extra support and exam modifications.

    I absolutely agree the individual should not be charged for a diagnosis but surely with so long in compulsory education the school should raise the issue with appropriate departments/officials and if not the system there should be fixed.
  • These are not medical conditions so diagnosis should not be the responsibility of the NHS.

    There are already avenues for adult diagnosis that are funded from a variety of sources.

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