Christmas Secret Santa

Morning everyone!

Need your help and idea's!!

For one of my secret santa games at work we have decided to buy a gift that starts with the first letter of my surname and the first letter of the person I have been given's surname...

Basically I have to buy a gift with the letters H & E with H being the first word!

There is a budget of £2 for the item just to make things harder!

I am stuck!!!

Any idea's... even of things beginning with E!!

thanks in advance!


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    I think you need to think outside the box.
    Happy Easter - Get something more suitable for Easter, like a rabbit or chicken, and wrap it all up in Easter colours. Or even an Easter egg if you can find one at this time of year (possible to make if you have moulds)
    Happy Envelope - Draw a nice smiley face on the envelope and put anything inside it
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    Buy whatever you want for £2 and label it with Halfhearted Endeavour.
  • Oh wow your work have not made it easy for you have they!!

    I personally love Halfhearted Endeavour- it's really made me chuckle :D

    Hmm ok some more

    Homely Egg (an egg shaped bath bomb? not sure how my minds worked there!)

    How Easy (2 keyrings 1 shaped like a H the other shaped like an E)

    God this is hard!
  • Owain_MoneysaverOwain_Moneysaver Forumite
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    HB pencil and an Eraser.

    Both from Poundland.

    You might also get a cheap jar of Honey and a pack of Eccles Cakes.
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    How about spending your £2 on ingredients and baking some home made treats to pack up, put a label on the gift 'handmade edibles'.

    One year we rolled a dice to decide our secret Santa budget, landed on 1, while everyone else ended up in poundland to purchase their gift, I spent my pound making Christmas tree shaped shortbread and packing them up in cellophane I had left over from another baking project. The recipient was really supprised with the gift and everyone else a bit envious!
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  • lol so is that it? what else is there?
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