Please help - I need to stop the bailiffs coming (and then sort everything else out)

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Please help - I need to stop the bailiffs coming (and then sort everything else out)

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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Debt-Free Wannabe
Hello all.

I have got myself in a mess and I desperately need some help sorting it out.

Have been in debt for years - started out as very much not my fault (!!!!less ex husband faking signatures etc and then leaving the country) but now, well, very much my fault. I had, however, got it under control - had a DMP with Stepchange, felt so much better about life, all going well.

Then hit a bad patch, a little rough mentally - not really serious mental health issues but enough to end up with some bad decisions including a mild gambling addiction, some payday loans that I really couldn't afford to pay back and stopping the DMP payments, which led to it being cancelled.

Have tackled the gambling issue - it wasn't terribly bad but I think it could have gotten much worse. Have banned myself from all online gambling apps and websites and don't feel even slightly tempted.

I was sorting out another DMP, a self-adminstered one (found online via NE Derbyshire CAB) and it was going well but I'd sent out letters to say I was setting it up and then hadn't got any further - I know it sounds like I'm making excuses (and I am...) but I work so hard and have a massive commute, it all just got on top of me. I have ended up with a couple of CCJs, one of which I sorted out, and one which I thought I had sorted out but obviously I haven't as this morning I received a Notice of Issue of Warrant of Control.

I owe £1,858.78 on this one. There is absolutely no way I can pay it, there is nothing to be done. Nobody to borrow from. Nothing to sell to get the money - no car, nothing.

With it, is a sheet saying I can call the court to make payment, or to arrange a possible payment plan. I want to set up a payment plan - but how likely is that? And if I can do it, will it stop the baillifs coming or do I need to do something else?

Should I be contacting the creditor as well as the court?

Obviously I have some serious sorting out to do (I've got two more CCJs which I was going to start dealing with on Monday). I want to go about setting up the DMP again. But I need to deal with this immediately.

Can anyone advise on what I need to do right now? Then I will get on to sorting everything else out...


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