Hi all, my 6 year old sone wants to play minecraft and has asked for xbox for xmas, but should I get him the xbox or wii u to play it on? tia


  • Any console will play minecraft for a 6 year old probably the wii u would be more suitable, but thing to take into mind is Nintendo are releasing a new console next year, so the xbox one would be the better console in long term.
  • My son has it on xbox 360. then got a wii last year (i didn't know a new one was coming out)

    He prefers it on the wii as you can play in mario style. However he has lost the ability to talk to his friends through the xbox live while playing, but as some have the 360 and some the one they can't all play together now anyway.
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    Youngest gdaughter plays it on her laptop and did play it on her 10" tablet, until a friend sat on it. So that's her Christmas pressie sorted, new tablet (armour - plated if possible!)
    I think this job really needs
    a much bigger hammer.
  • I think we could play minecraft on any devices, it supports all platforms, event smartphone
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    I think we could play minecraft on any devices, it supports all platforms, event smartphone

    Keep in mind though, if he has friends who play it and wants to play with them at the same time - then he needs to be on the same platform as them.
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    We had a wii which my son used for minecraft but he wanted to upgrade to a xbox as he said it was easier/better with an xbox controller and the extra buttons etc which did more functions and made navigation easier. He got an xbox eventually and was far happier with it.

    Thing is, though, that kids can play more stuff on the wii - the xbox is more "adult" and has less kiddie games etc., so you have to weigh up what else he may want to do.
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