Spreebook - Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Tayside, Norwich

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Spreebooks for 2007/2008 out now.

These books are great and have loads of vouchers for eating out, takeaways, shopping, sports etc.

Whilst there is a charge for the cost of the book you normally claim the cost back in about 2 outings. With the vouchers lasting a year you'll definitely get your money back more than several times over. Books now available for Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Tayside and Norwich. See weblink for further info on how to get one:


Oh and did I mention you can also be supporting your local charity by buying one as they are used for many fundraising schemes with part of the cost going to them.


  • Violetta_2Violetta_2 Forumite
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    Thanks paterj (and welcome) i was offered a Spree book the other week and didn't bother as I didn't know what it was having a look on the website it does look worth getting.
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    I have had mine for a year...fantastic...so many savings

    thanks for reminder

  • ailuro2ailuro2 Forumite
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    worth getting if you are going to use it.
    The Tayside one this year was missing a few of our favourites,so coupled with us being on an economy drive and therefore not eating out so much, it wasn't worth us buying it this year. Worth it if you like to eat out a lot, or visit the hairdresser more than once a year.:o
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  • davidmcg2udavidmcg2u Forumite
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    We have the old one - thinbk it expires in Octover 2007.

    We usually go out once a week for a meal & have used it so many times - it's saved us a fortune.

    I'll definitiely be buying the new one.

  • scotgirlscotgirl Forumite
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    I love my spree book too. We use it all the time and will definitly be getting my new one soon.

    A good idea is when nearing the end of the year get everyone you know to swap vouchers. We do this at work - you find that everyone uses different vouchers, depending on where they live, if they have kids etc.
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