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MoneySaving Poll: Do tear-jerker Christmas ads change where you shop?

Poll started 21 November 2016

Do tear-jerker Christmas ads, such as the bouncing John Lewis dog, change where you shop?

Whether it’s John Lewis’s dog bouncing on a trampoline, Aldi’s carrot traversing a Christmas dinner or Waitrose’s two robins uniting over a mince pie, a host of maudlin Christmas ads are designed to tug at our heart and purse strings.

While they certainly get column inches and boost brand recognition, do they change where you do your Christmas shopping?

Has this year’s or previous years’ ads ever affected where you shop?

Did you vote? Are you surprised at the results so far? Have your say below. To see the results from last time, click here.

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  • Coveredinbees!!!!Coveredinbees!!!! Forumite
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    I mute the TV when the ads are on and if it's a really annoying one, I turn over.
    Nothing to see here, move along.
  • Haha, looks like they're wasting their money making these adverts!
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  • I can't see the option for No Impact - I don't do christmas shopping anyway.
  • Apparently John Lewis Ad 'only" cost £1 million this year compared to
    £6 million a couple of years back! Christmas is a time for giving! If John Lewis, etc want to encourage me to shop with them, then they should donate the cost of these Xmas Ads to Charity instead. This would certainly make me more inclined to shop with them!
  • I like the ads but very rarely am I overtly influenced by them. I wouldn't shop at John Lewis anyway because they are too expensive for my budget.

    I visited the new John Lewis in Chelmsford recently more out of curiosity than anything - I was in and out in 15 minutes when I discovered that two coffees, a glorified hotdog and a danish pastry was priced at over £15!

    My partner accused me of being tight (I am) but we had as good or better in a cafe outside of town for less than a tenner. No contest :)
  • I haven't seen an advert for years. As soon as they start or when the nob on tv says "coming up" I've changed channels for 3.5 minutes.

    Or I record a program I want to watch and start viewing it 15 mins after it's started and just fast forward the ads and the show still finishes at the same time.

    Or quite often record the whole thing like the MSE show last night and fast forward through 95% (who cares about idiots that haven't swapped their gas and electric over after 38 years- they are idiots and subsidising my cheap gas- leave them be) to the bit you need to know such as the code on generic and branded drugs.

    Same with the radio, as soon as they start on Classic FM I've reached out and changed to Radio 3. Why would you waste your life with this rubbish?
  • This is the only thing that should influence anyone's spending this year.
  • The John Lewis one with the big, barking dog, combined the massive trampoline, in a small suburban garden (think: screaming kids on summer days when the windows are open, barking dogs the other side of the fence when you're having a nice relaxing pinot in the garden after work ...) sends a shiver down my spine. Definately doesn't attract me to J.L!
  • terrynotteresaterrynotteresa Forumite
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    I hope the department stores look at this poll and decide not to inflict their sappy, nauseating ads on us ever again. Some hope, huh.
  • StockieStockie Forumite
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    Looks like the consensus is the large retailers should do away with their huge expensive Christmas ads and invest the money in lower prices instead, but I'm sure their marketing teams will look at their sales and go "hey look they wouldn't happen if you hadn't given us millions to spend on annoying ads!"
    Loving the Big Bang Theory!
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