MSE promotion of "posh bedding" (Boston Duvet and Pillow Company)

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EDIT: Never mind -- I got the wrong address -- see below. I just ordered some duvets myself :-)

I saw in the recent MSE email, and in the "top deals" side-panel of the forums that MSE have negotiated a discount with the Boston Duvet and Pillow Company.

MSE claims that, "it's just a trading name for a UK factory that pumps out bedding for posh high street shops and department stores, which then sell them on in their own branded packaging."

Their website said, "We love sleep, it's one of the reasons we have been in the business of making duvets and pillows for over 100 years!"

However, the business address on the website is a small detached house in the middle of nowhere.,0.0143934,3a,75y,30.95h,81.89t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s6aClBhD2LxPrn7ZonDtzHw!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

And Companies House, show that the company was incorporated on 28/09/2016 -- less than two months ago.

(Search by company name via

It's not that I want to question small business resellers, but it sounds to me like the company are being somewhat dishonest about who they are, which makes me wary of buying.

The company seems to be related to "Fogarty (Filled Products) Ltd."; the name given on the whois record for Fogarty claim to have, "over 100 years experience as master pillow & quilt makers". But again, their business address is the same small house.

I'm not questioning whether or not the company can deliver pillows and duvets... but something doesn't add up.

Am I being overly paranoid, or does this look a bit "iffy" to you...? Can their claims really be substantiated? Is it normal to have a company of over a hundred years registered to a residential address?


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    You're right to be sceptical, but I think you may have misread Google maps.

    Havenside, PE21 0AH, is a substantial Fogarty factory in the village of Fishtoft. There does appear to he a house called Havenside House, on the same road and half a mile to the East of the factory, which may or may not be connected with Havenside, but has quite a different postcode anyway.

    Boston Duvet & Pillow Co also appears to have the same postcode as the factory.
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    Ahhhh, right. My mistake. I found Fogarty a bit further along the road.

    Phew. I'd better have a look at what bargains they've still got -- I need some new pillows and duvets!
  • Recently took this offer up via MSE link and when the pillows arrived they lack filling (duck feather & down) and you really need to put two pillows in one pillow case to be sure to get a decent thickness. Therefore these were not a good deal at £19.86 and I am asking to send them back as I feel I have been misled. Money saving expert - please note a deal is only a deal if it represents good value for money - this deal definitely does not!:(
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