MSE News: Amazon launches fully fledged music streaming – how to get a discount

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The online merchant unveiled Amazon Music Unlimited in the UK yesterday, with a subscription priced at £9.99/mth...
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'Amazon launches fully fledged music streaming – here's how to get a discount on it'
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  • I think it's a shame that this isn't included for Prime customers.
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    If you are anywhere near considering this- try the app first on a trial. I don't know if it's been fixed since early March but it was terrible when I had tried it! It took a good 3-4 minutes to load the app, then to listen to any tune you had to select it- this would take an additional 3-4 minutes. To even click on an album or playlist it was an additional 3-4 minutes...I say this with a 4G mobile phone, have tried this with/without wifi and all other apps closed bar the Amazon Music app.

    I gave up with this after 2 months (one was free the other I was hoping it would improve). I got so fed up with it that I uninstalled it even before the end of the second month, it's an absolute joke of an app- I don't know if I've seen an app as bad as this one!
  • Sounds like your best getting Spotify.
  • Prefer Google Music myself.
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