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My son and his family may have to fly to America in a couple of weeks for medical treatment for one of their children. They will be there up to 8 weeks so will be away for Christmas. I'm trying to think of a small size gift for each they can take from us for the children. The budget is around £20 per child, we have tons of grandchildren. I know I can buy jewellery for their daughter but for the 5yr old I can't think of what to send with them. Any suggestions please. He loves Lego but they won't have space for that in their luggage.

Thanks folks.
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    I know absolutely nothing about children .... but I'd opt for spending £5 on some dinosaur colouring books and a pack of crayons .... and spend £15 on a bigger gift when they return as he'll need to be occupied with "new toys" once they come back and the focus isn't on him.
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    How about this -
    It's a hand-held games console pre-loaded with 30 retro Sega games. Looks pretty small, and just needs some AAA batteries to power it. Pretty good value for £19.99 I thought (it's actually £5 more on Amazon)

    It'll be pretty good for entertaining him on the flight
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    Thanks both good ideas. Normally I would do Christmas either before or after their trip I guess but he has just been diagnosed with a malignant brain tumour so trying to sort something to help lift the family's day.
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    If space is the issue, get him the lego but take it out of the box. The boxes these days are so big compared to the contents.
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    Oh that's a great idea. Thank you.
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  • I think the sega console is a good idea as my 4yr oil who will be 5 in a few weeks loves his innotab which was his sisters and he plays games and watches we video bundles which we have bought over the years. My son also loves playing with we figure so he takes with him his wee turtle figures or at the moment is he into power rangers which you an get for £10 for each figure or a wee transformer car for roughly £8 I think and it's small to pack with you if he will play with cars.
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    Thank you. Not wanting to go down the video type games, his parents aren't keen on them. However the action figures is a great idea. Yes he likes the transformers.
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  • What about this Personalised Santa Book?

    I'm sure it'll make him feel special when he see's its got his name on it too! :)
  • You can get small sets of lego that are 3 in 1. I got my son one that makes a truck, a helicopter and another thing, but it's only small, there's a range of them and they're around £5-7 on @mazon. My son, who is also 5, loves reading so I got him a few books, he's also recently discovered paw patrol, and so I got him his favourite character and vehicle, which out of the packaging is compact. I paid £12.99. his favourite thing is writing, and he has a write and draw journal and a character pen he enjoys, but mostly he uses sheets of paper to write whatever he wants, a notebook and pens might be
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    His favourite book character as a cuddly toy with a book in that series?
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    Many thanks
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