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Best exercise for sore back?



  • I would say yoga and/or stretching. Lastly I would say using a foam roller for any muscular knots. Purely talking from personal experience here so might not work for you.
  • The NHS choices website has some suggestions for exercises for lower back pain. The page is entitled 'Lower back pain exercises'. I can't post links so you'll have to google for it.

    They also have a page aimed at pregnant women which might possible help(?). Go to page entitled 'Exercise in pregnancy' and scroll down to 'Stomach strengthening exercises'.
  • I suggest one of those unbalancing know, rubbery flatish things with spines on. You sit on it to keep your core muscles working, whenever and wherever you sit, you stand on it while brushing your teeth, put your feet on it while doing bridges etc. And so no slumping.

    As for specific exercises, you should consider qualified advice from someone who can see how you move.
  • Strongly advise against any exercise until you have found the cause.
  • kerri_gtkerri_gt Forumite
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    Thanks for all the pointers and tips, I already do a lot of them.

    I did ask the nurse last time I was in and she said that all the walking I am doing should help as long as I 'warmed down' before slumping into my chair when I got home. As I still have full movement, she has put it down to old age and slouching when sitting (I do tend to do that).

    In that case I would recommend (from a non medical perspective) gentle walking and also yoga - there are many different forms but be sure to mention your painful back to the instructor who may modify some poses to help / protect your back.
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  • SicardSicard Forumite
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    Doctors know nothing about back pain and I should know I've had it for 40 years on and off. The only thing that cures it is either an osteopath or chiropractor because they really know their subject.
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  • JoseChungsDoomsdayJoseChungsDoomsday Forumite
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    Lots of people with back problems preach the benefits of DDPyoga. I do it regularly and it has helped with my bad knee.
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    I suffer a lot with back pain and find a mix of Yoga for flexibility and Pilates for stregnth and posture help the most with walking and swimming added as relatively gentle exercise. If I skip the yoga or pilates for more than a week I can really feel the difference, I'm relatively pain free most days but when I stop those two within a day or two I can barely move from the pain.
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