Nose clip for swimming ?

Does anyone have a recommendation for a nose clip for swimming (to prevent swimming causing a runny nose) ?

Thanks in advance,


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    I use a speedo clip - got it off ebay a while back so unsure of the type. Its a clear plastic with pads, and comes in a little box thing to stop it getting lost. I wont use any other brand because of their durability and they never fall off (some of the other brands do!).
  • I must admit that I have found the all plastic clips are more likely to slip off in use. I use a metal clip with plastic pads on the ends. The clip can be pressed in a bit if need be. I think it is a Cressi.
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    I use a speedo competition nose clip - as with the other posters, metal one with plastic pads on the ends. I get mine from which is a triathlon supplier website. I am not a triathlete, nothing like, but they do everything you need for swimming. Only about £3.50.

    They take some getting used to putting them on and keeping them on but once you've got the hang of it you'll never look back. It helps if you wash and dry your nose first so it's really dry. You can pinch the nasal pads in with it being metal so that it fits snug.

    I spent months with what seemed like a permanent cold until I realised I had a reaction to chlorine, using nose clips solved it straight away.
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