Toys R Us's Xmas layaway scheme – is it all it's cracked up to be?

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'Toys R Us's layaway scheme is hugely popular on Facebook and in the papers as a way to spread the cost of Christmas presents...'

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    I am not sure how this physicaly works from the shop manager's point of view. Surely they are not going to actually store the items? Are they just going to rely kn having the stock avail in the store when you make you final payment? If, on the other hand, the trolley of toys is stored at the shop for collection once fully paid for ( assume packed into a space as small as poss, rather than actually in a trolley!), the shop's storage space will surely be pretty congested, even without extra stock for xmas being delivered rregularly?

    Don't know anyone who has tried it but I'd be a bit worried about not getting all my stuff back and it being in good condition.

    My biggest worry though would be that as other shops have price promotions the items you have committed to at
    TrUs will be available for much less elsewhere. If you cancel there is a £10 fee on top of the setting up fee.

    Some people may be able to save the £5 fee and set aside the necessary money to go and shop once they reach their total, rather than choosing the goods in-store then saving up for them, but I know budgeting as layaway helps some people.
    I have changed my work-life balance to a life-work balance. :grin:
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