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FIFA 17 how many diffrent versions are there?

Hi Guys,

Was thinking of getting the kids FIFA 17 for ps4 but there are a few diffrent versions which costs so much more.

What are the diffrence and are they worth the money?



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    If you are letting them play online they'll want the ultimate team edition. That is the game mode most people play and that version comes with bonus packs to get players with which will save you money in the long run :)

    If they aren't playing online. Just get the standard version. Or if they are playing online, get the standard version and give them £5 each to buy packs with. Still cheaper that way and will give them a good start.
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    The more expensive versions have extra's as per Spinkz. I've played Fifa for years and always buy the cheapest version. You don't really lose anything, and you have the option to buy extras later anyway. If the kids are really going to play the ultimate team part of Fifa, then it may be worth it, but I don't, and it doesn't distract from the main purpose of the game - playing football. You can still play online against friends, join a club, or play the off line modes e.g. seasons, plus there's a new mode called something like 'Journey' - you basically start out as a new player and develop yourself into a world beater by playing, training, and being interviewed etc. IMO not worth the extra unless they are absolutely definitely going to be into that mode. Even if they like the FUT mode, you can still earn coins and upgrade your team by buying and selling (virtually, not with real money) it just takes a bit longer and a bit more effort.
  • FIFA 16 and FIFA 17 this is the same game
  • FIFA 17 this is the same game
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