Wedding insurance for 3.5 years

We plan on getting married in march 2020, but I have already put a deposit on a dress and started a payment plan. We decided if we started planning now we would be able to collect small items over a period of time and do payment plans rather than handing out large sums of money all at once. I know wedding insurance isn't necessary if paying on a credit card, but i don't have one, and my partner doesn't like using his. Are there any insurance companies you know of that would insure us for such a long period of time? [STRIKE][/STRIKE]


  • What are you looking to insure against?
    Presumably 3 or 4 years ahead of the day, you won't have deposits with caterers or venues that are worth claiming etc
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    I've not looked in great detail but I think it all seems to be 2 years.

    Might be worth ringing some of the bigger companies and asking if they do that?

    We haven't decided whether to get insurance yet; some venues do seem to require it, but I may just credit card the deposits.

    I can totally understand your logic but at the same time, what if you change your mind about what you want/see something you like better in the next 3.5 years?
  • I'm looking to insure incase companies go bust e.g. I've ordered my dress, but if the company goes bankrupt, or my dress gets discontinued before I finish the payment plan, I'd like a way to claim back the money I've spent. I know it's a long time to take to plan a wedding, but my taste rarely changes. I've liked the same things since I was a child and have never really changed my mind on that front. I'm also very thorough about making decisions so have very little chance of changing my mind!
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    Would it not make more sense for you to save the money up and then pay it out. By the time tou come to booking and paying out, the. You will be within the timescale for insurance policies? Plus if you took out a regular saver you could get a decent amount of interest which can only be a good thing :)
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