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looking for advice on Barnsley

in England
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gerdogerdo Forumite
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Hello all,
My daughter has been offered a healthcare job in Barnsley.
We know nothing about Barnsley and dont know anyone who lives there.

She's 21 and as the job is just for 1 year, she would like to get shared accommodation in a house with other housemates her own age.

I've been on Gumtree and Spareroom but none of the ads seem to give much information about who else lives in the house.

Is there somewhere else I could look for shared accommodation e.g. local hospital that might have nurses looking for accommodation etc.



  • nimbonimbo Forumite
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    I'd probably suggest coming you and staying In a cheap hotel for a few nights prior to moving into a shared house. It'd give her the chance to look round a few in different areas.

    There used to be housing close to the hospital for temp medical workers but they flattened it to bikes a much needed car park.

    Would she be able to afford a house or flat to rent?

    Just as a heads up there and some nice parts to Barnsley and some very not nice parts. Is if the main hospital she'll be based at?

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