My Bristol Roadshow - Want to come along?

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Series 6 of ITV's "The Martin Lewis Money Show" will be coming back later this year and we're doing the roadshows again.

When: Thursday 15 September from c. 11:30am - 5:30pm
Where: Bristol's Cabot Circus, outside House of Fraser
What: Come for one of three reasons

1. To ask a question: Ask me (Martin) a question on anything money saving. So savings, mortgages, PPI, flight delays, lifetime ISAs, help to buy ISAs, cutting the cost of your shopping, energy switching, complaining, marriage tax allowance, childcare, food shopping, how to have a better love life (ok not the last one, but you get the point).

2. Tell us of a win: If you've followed what the show or I have done before and you want to tell us how well it’s worked, come and tell us your story.

3. Just come along to say hi. We'll be doing some experiments, some cash mob explanations and just having a chat with people. So feel free to pop along and watch what's going on.

Should I tell you that I'm coming? You don't have to, just pop along. But if you want to contact the team first to set something specific up or tell us of a saving, email... [email protected]

See you there!
Martin Lewis, Money Saving Expert.
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    It's not always/entirely about VFM. I value outstanding Customer Service - and you try to evaluate that in your Energy Co ratings. Every company seems to have a well-structured 'Complaints Procedure', but little or nothing to permit a 'thank you'. I believe saying 'thank you' for top service encourages more of that and, if made public within the company, encourages more people to emulate that practice.

    So I'd like to see companies have a parallel 'Compliments' procedure - a Green Channel as well as a Red one. And I'd like MSE to champion this.... in the interests of us all.

    Specifically, and to set the ball rolling, I had cause for expressed dissatisfaction with E.ON.... problems with metering. My third discussion caused CS operative 'Weslyn' to identify courteously the problems. He decided to escalate my concerns as a Complaint and spoke directly to a Complaints Manager, 'Maxwell', who then spoke directly to me. His work with me was thorough, painstaking and wholly satisfactory. He did for me exactly as he said he would, and when. I've 'been around the block' and I know top service when I get it. What those two did was Customer Service as it should be, elsewhere, and I shall write directly to the company to that end, next week.

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  • Hello Martin Lewis . I really enjoyed coming to your roadshow today. It was excellent to meet and you ask my mortgage. Thanks for your advice.
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